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January, February 2009
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In January 2009, Sarah finally made her long-awaited return to Ethiopia.

This pic is from our day at Disneyland Africa.™

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Here is the real reason we went to Ethiopia.  Sarah's closest neighbors and friends: Fantu, Abite, Tamere, Buchilu and Mahadir.



This is the other reason to visit Ethiopia.

Back in the Ethiop days, Bob was Sarah's APCD, which stands for Kaptain of Education.


Sarah's house in Chuko, Sidamo is now inhabited by new people.  But the landlord is still the same (he's in the tan plaid shirt).


The back yard of Sarah's old house.

The new tenants were extremely gracious, allowing a random white chick to barge in and nose around.


Sarah's old house, main room.


This is the church that Sarah built.

Or at least she helped fund-raise for its construction. Luckily, they keep it locked up, so nobody will mess with Sarah's legacy.


Turns out, Sarah's foster family had relocated to Aleta Wendo, the next town over.  So we bussed the hour or so to find them.


Tamere and Fantu's house in Aleta Wendo.

Tamere is now a vice principal at Aleta Wendo's high school. And Fantu administers a remote lerning program office in town.


Abite, Sarah, Buchilu.


After our visit with the family, we stayed a night in Awasa.

Lewi Cafe served some sweet Jumaki.  It's fruit juice, but since they include avocado and leave in all the fruit pulp, it's more like fruit sludge.  Delicious.


During our stay in Addis, the African Union was having a big confab, so the streets were locked down with tons of military guys, slinging Kalashnikovs, chilling at every corner.  You can see a few here.


Momar Qadafi is in that car.

He was in town for the confab.  Dunno why he stopped at our cafe, but there ya go.

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