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   Tanzania Safari
August, 2007

Serengeti,  Ngoro Ngoro Crater,  Lake Manyara
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Your basic sunset at the end of day two.

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On day three, we drove down the winding road into the crater (actually it's a caldera, but whatever).

You can see by the wrinkly skin that this elephant is very old.


I think this is a bushbuck.


Chillin by the lake.


Zebras and wildebeest like to travel together.

Zebras have a better sense of hearing, wildebeest have a better sense of smell. 


Also, zebras are not rock-stupid, which helps the overall prospects of the wildebeest.


Wagon train


Female ostrich

The males have brown feathers and are not encumbered by those lurid pink legs.





Zebras rolling in the dirt.

It looks like they do it just for fun, but I imagine there is some survival purpose as well.



Posse of African water buffalo.


Another mating pair of lions


Kori Bustard

Our guide said this is the largest of all flying birds.



This is all the closer we could get.  Out in the distance there are two black rhinoceri.


I could use the binoculars as a poor man's telephoto lens.

Not pristine results, but you do get a closer look.

You can see a baboon tribe hanging out with the rhinos.


One of the baboons was actually playing with the rhinos.  he would get too close and goad the rhino until it charged.  Then the baboon scampered away, and the rhino lost interest after about ten feet of sprinting.  They played this game several times.


Looking back from the road out of the crater.




At the campsite on day three, a tribe of baboons came in looking for trouble.


One of the campsite boys was on baboon terrorism patrol.

Mostly, this meant screaming a lot and throwing rocks.  But the baboons took him seriously and cut out.


On our last day of safari, we toured Lake Manyara.

This elephant was annoyed with us.  We drove on pretty quickly.


Elephant family.

There are a whole bunch of these photos, but the baby kept doing goofy stunts, so I inculded them all.






This was the outrigger elephant. 

She stood about thirty yards away from the family.


We had the worst luck getting close to giraffes.

Here's a binocular shot.



The two in the background are even butting heads for the photo.


Dorcas gazelle

Look at the enlargement, there is a gazelle there.

These guys only grow about 20 inches tall.  They are so small that eagles can prey on them.


Chilly Sarah



Remember when I said that dorcas gazelles are small enough to be preyed upon by eagles?

In the enlargement, you can see a gazelle carcass hanging on the tree.  I think this is a tawny eagle, but I'm not sure.


Finally, giraffes


Lake Manyara is in the background.

Giraffes ended our safari.

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