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This picture taken by
Ms. Smart,
of Munich.



This one was taken by Patrick, who is French Canadian and dislikes Moscow.


Kid In Rain.  Tyan-Tan (Temple O' Heaven) Park.


Another view of the almost disposable blue poncho.


The people without rain gear were stuck with me under the triomph-bogen.


More blue poncho action.


This girl posed while her dad stood in the rain to get just the perfect Triomph-bogen shot.


Day 2 at Tyan-Tan park.


This guy wanted to know just what I thought I was doing.


This guy was decidedly less interested.


Painting characters with water.  The paragraph is fading by the time he finishes.


A standard trio.  The lady standing is the singer.




Low Socio-Economic strata, complete with Picturesque Hat.


I sat here for about an hour.


One more pagoda, in the middle of nowhere.


The Portal (which leads to the Wishing Place, of course).


Some evidence that Beijing, occasionally, is not overwhelmed with desert-grit smog.


The Portal, from the Other Side.


Sarah, displaying our Hostel.

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