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Malaysia, Thailand & Cambodia
March 2006
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Once upon a time, Suzy, Matt and Sarah went to visit Southeast Asia.

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Kuala Lumpur.

We flew into KL from Seoul to start our trip.


KL has a cool mix of super-modern and muslim skylines.


The Museum of Islamic Art, in Kuala Lumpur.

This picture of the Koran was the only decent shot I managed before the guard caught me.  Pictures verboten in the museum, but we highly recommend this place.


Commuter train station.


Electric grid cieling.


People on the platform.

Waitin for the train.

I can hear their hearts a-beatin.

Like pendulums swingin on a chain.


Petronas Towers, second-highest skyscrapers in the world.

(some upstart in Taiwain just beat them out)

Notice the sky-bridge at about half-way.


Here's one view from the Sky-bridge. 

A very well-manicured park banks Petronas Towers on one side.


Tons of people out sight-seeing in the park.


Including us.  Yep, that there's the towers again.


Matt, with Bangladeshi sight-seers.


Suzy and Sarah, with Malaysian women.



We spent most of two days getting to Bangkok.

Once in Bangkok, the coolest way to get around is by tuk-tuk (motorcycle taxi).


Three passengers.


One crazy driver.

I can't be sure, but I think this is the driver who popped wheelies, with us almost falling out the back, just to prove how crazy he was.


Dunno what this sign means, but we ate noodles here anyway.


Along Khao San road.


Traveling by river is a good way to hit the major sight-seeing areas of Bangkok.  We rented our very own private boat taxi.


Wat Rakhang Khositaram.

One of many cool sites we never actually got to.


Outside Wat Pho, which is the dowdy, somewhat understated temple in central Bangkok.

All it has to offer is one main worship room, and the largest golden Buddha in the world.


Totally lame architecture.


Some parts of Wat Pho are still under renovation.  In fact, there was a donation box set up to fund a new roof for the Reclining Buddha.


Standing guard at the outer gate:  A stone giant, Suzy, and a Thai school boy.


Another stone giant.  The place was lousy with stone giants.


Just outside the Reclining Buddha building.


At certain holy shrines in Bangkok, you must be properly dressed.

At the shrine of the Reclining Buddha, Suzy and Sarah were given these shawls to cover their scandalous naked shoulders.


Here we are at the feet of the Reclining Buddha. 

It's hard to make out, but way down by Buddha's head, there's somebody standing.




I reckon his ear is about 5 feet long.


A view down at his feet. There's a person standing next to his feet, which gives an idea of his size. 

The Reclining Buddha is the main reason that Godzilla never attacked Bangkok.

"Don't make me get up..."


Around the outside of Reclining Buddha, more little shrines.


This is the main worship room at Wat Pho.

That dude sitting on the mountain of gold is Buddha.

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