The Tin Man Speaks.

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The Tin man is complete.  20 episodes, 3 hrs and 45 minutes.  Thanks for tuning in.

Episode 19 features Paul Cantrell's Disembodied Dance (rough version), as well as Steve Putt's For the Chairlift.

Much of the music in the Tin Man is courtesy of Steve Putt.

Episode 13 features Niobrara (interstellar medium remix), composed and performed by Paul Cantrell.

Episode 14 includes sounds from The FreeSound Project.  Specifically, samples from Freed's Artificial Speech pack, and from Horn's Computer Voiced Poem pack.

Episode 14 also features two distinct versions of Johann Sebastian Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Prelude 1 (in C major) as interpreted by Paul Cantrell, as an intepretation of the faint memory of the interpretation by Angela Hewitt, not to mention Jimi Hendrix, vis-a-vis Bach himself, depending on how you look at it.

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This track here is pretty weird.

Jason vs. Value
I sink, I don't swim.
I am iconic.
I can make icons.
I can make candy.
I can con the creature out of fleece.
I can fleece the icon off the dragon.
The idea of a dragon is an icon.
The fact is unclear.
Under-clicked is the site.
I locate.
I see.
I see why.
I Fleece the dragon.
I collect golden icons whose worship is worth less than their weight in gold bullion.
Junk icons.
It's just an excuse to sail around the world.
My comrades and I provide a service.
Junk I collect.
Argonautic Tchotchke aggregation is, I shit you not, the name of the game.
I game.
I sew.
I sew the emperor's clothes.
I specialize.
I tailor.
I fleece.
I con.
I am an icon.
I have license.
I have license to traffic.
What is mine is mine.
I fleece.
I give birth by birthright to a false rarity market.
I can sell.
I can buy.
I can.
I con.

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