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A recursive hypnosis Futurismo™ wherein thirteen volunteers are costumed, headphoned, bemused and guided by voices -- rendered like psychological fat.  You Betcha.  We offer, for your delectation, an improv confection experiment.  Trust us.


This is the Witch Doctor, who channels the spirit of Tristan Tzara, who speaks through the puppet, who is made out of fun foam and an oven mitt from Ikea®.

Recent Gigs
Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 1 - August 10.   Ten show run.
Wherein we won the Audience Choice Spirit of the Fringe award.

Artscape   One night only.
July 25, 2003.   7:30pm. 
Baltimore Theatre Project.

Blaney Park   One night only.
July 1, 2003.   8pm.
Blaney Park Lake Cottages.