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Previous Costumes.
Design ideas for Pferdzwackür.

The Duke of Florence is carnal, lusty, impetuous, a little stupid, and plenty of good fun.  He wants especially to get in the bloomers of Catherine de Medici, Lorenzo's favorite Aunt.
Pinkos.  Here are a bunch of threatening-looking tough people, all dressed in pink, so as to scare children when they came to the door for trick-or-treat at Halloween.
Voice-In-Head Theatre is a show (improvised, based on headphone instructions) that is all about following inscrutable orders from a disembodied male voice. In a bizarre twist of fate, this is ALSO exactly what Charlie's Angels® is all about.
This is a picture, from the recent Voice In Head show, of me in my Master Of Ceremonies outfit, standing next to my wife, who is wearing the ever-recurring Big Pink Coat.
A cheap clown suit is always in bad taste.
In the Voice In Head show, the costume admixture is fairly random.  Some of the costumes impart a feeling of ennui.  Others are decidedly cha-cha-esque.