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Head-Dress and Puppet from
Voice-In-Head, Iteration 2
Lorenzo de Medici is the title character from Alfred de Musset's play Lorenzaccio -- a play about nasty Italian Renaissance politics. Lorenzo is the weak, upper-class, cowardly, effete intellectual who eventually assassinates the tyrannical Duke.
Here, Lorenzo (actor) is show with his trusty assistant assassin, Scoronconcolo (knit sock and eyeballs).
Catherinede Medici is a noble, upstanding and virtuous woman who reads latin, and casts a dark glance upon the unscrupulous pitching of woo.  However, in this production, she is combined with a different noble woman that has a greater facility with nookie.
Sire Maurizio is a decadent, hot-headed member of the aristocracy.  He likes to get in fights, and he likes to frustrate the machinations of Lorenzo.
Philippo Strozzi is the scion of the House of Strozzi. He is tired of killing, tired of decadence, tired of dishonor.  He wants peace.  He wants to show kindness to his enemies.  He does not want Lorenzo to assassinate the Duke.  Or does he?
Maria de Medici is the mother of Lorenzaccio, and therefore the lame-duck matro of the Florentine branch of the Medici clan.  She despairs the wicked ways of her son.  She grieves him as if he were dead.  She despises the petty, despicable wastrel that has taken his place.
Cardinal Cibo is just about as bad as the Renaissance Catholic Mafia could get.  He is Wicked, conniving, lusty for power, sneaky, and terribly clever.  In this production, he is depicted by a bucket, into which the Duke likes to pour his leftover red wine.
Trebaldo Freccia is an artist. He paints in the local cathedral. He gets much abused. His is the butt that is the butt of sneering jokes from Lorenzaccio.
Here we see the good Duke making a Frankenstein grab for Catherine.
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Bob. Featured here with our cat, Cleo.
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